Celestial Academy: Essence

by Olivia Pharos

In an Afterworld with Hell and Heaven on Earth, I’m the lowest a being can be. My life is one of drudgery, degradation—and danger. And that’s before I started dealing Angelescence, a drug only I can produce, and everyone would kill for.
Then I make one single mistake, and it gets me arrested, and my terrifying captor drags me to the Celestial Court—on a leash—to stand trial. My sentence?
Conscription to Celestial Academy—with Godric, the most powerful nephilim in history and Heaven’s assassin as my mentor. He’s been assigned with discovering the root of my unprecedented ability to capture Angel Essence.
We hate our forced proximity—and each other. But our private war takes a backseat as he unearths even more terrible mysteries within me. Meanwhile, lethal trials loom at mid-term, and a devastating internal war as well as another Apocalypse are brewing.
And I’m at the center of it all.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban