Cassidy’s Fleet

by D. B. Goodin

They ripped her binary-code baby out of her hands. Now, she’s the only one who can protect them all from its fatal flaw. If you like clandestine missions, spicy scenes, and jaw-dropping twists, then you’ll love D. B. Goodin’s soaring story.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Blast Off

by D. B. Goodin

A criminal conspiracy programmed from ones and zeroes. Can a keyboard warrior stop her world from going south IRL?
If Cassidy Delgado’s latest MMO flops, then so will her career. And as the multiplayer game’s product manager, she’s determined to be among the first to test out the new cutting-edge sensual suit. But when her in-game spaceship is infected by hackers, she discovers she’s carrying a sinister malware payload…

Previously $2.99