by T S Paul

Camilla Blackmore is the character that everyone loves to hate. She is the perfect antagonist to Agatha’s protagonist. Her journey is one that has captured you the readers imagination.

Why is she so mean? Why turn on her family? Is she really dead? Those are just some of the questions that I’ve heard.

The books I’ve chosen for this collection represent the largest portions of her life. From dreaming of getting rid of her sister, to dominating the town and coven, she has been the boogieman of the series so far.

Now is the time to see Camilla as she really is through my eyes. Agatha and Fergus are in two of these books but Camilla is really the main character. I hope you enjoy the ride.

This set contains previously published material. Three full books and a short story sets the scene.

Camilla’s Obsession
Witness Enchantment
Darkness Revealed
Child of Darkness

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban