Bulletproof Witch: Beginnings

by F.J. Blair

Temperance Whiteoak is the last surviving heir to her grandfather’s legacy. Gunslinger. Daemon-hunter. Witch. Capable of calling forth powerful magicks with the pull of a trigger. Alongside her talking horse, Astor, she travels across Korvana, searching for the daemon that killed her family and destroyed her town.

In this collection of tales, Temperance transports sorcerous prisoners, delves into small-town mysteries, unravels plots of treason, and learns of ancient secrets beyond the sea. Daemons and monsters, bandits and shadowy government agencies, all manner of forces stand against the last heir to the Whiteoak name. It’ll take everything that Temperance has to make sure she doesn’t come out on the wrong side of the dirt. Assuming she doesn’t put herself there, first.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery