Border Worlds

by J. Malcolm Patrick

Ships are disappearing on the frontier . . .
Two powerful human enclaves have dispatched their battle fleets . . .
One captain and one ship is the only hope to prevent a war to end all wars.

Commander Aaron Rayne of the United Fleet is eager to prove himself, but there are those within the Fleet who question his suitability to command. A fateful encounter near the Border Worlds draws him into the brewing conflict where he will have to make a choice: stay true to his ideals or question everything he’s known his entire life.

A space opera, action adventure novel told through the eyes of a captain and his crew. Journey through this fast-paced novel as it explores the ideals of loyalty, honor and sacrifice. It is a unique bond, that kinship, which is formed in the face of adversity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Beyond the Frontier

by J. Malcolm Patrick

An Existential War

In the 22nd century, the Lazarus Society unlocked the secrets to transcendent cloning. After a catastrophic war United Earth outlawed the practice. If humankind unlocked the secrets to immortality, the fundamental question was: what would one do with forever?

The Society’s survivors fled and took refuge among fledgling human colonies in the Outer Rim.

The Outer Rim

While on a covert assignment, the United Fleet ship Endeavor commanded by Avery Alvarez is attacked by a ship claiming to be from the Outer Rim and vanishes.

The action and adventure continues in this fast paced science fiction space opera series. If you enjoy a small dose of military scifi, space opera, great characters, ripping space battles mixed with a dab of good natured light humor, then you won’t be disappointed by this sequel.

Previously $2.99