Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road

by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

The alt-history story begins in 1984 when a reporter gets a tip to meet an old woman at a Texas cemetery. Cradling an antique rifle and standing over a new grave, the woman claims to be Bonnie Parker, 75, there to bury the love of her life—who has just died—Clyde Barrow.

Impossible, says the reporter. The murdering duo died 50 years ago.

But the woman insists that it wasn’t Bonnie and Clyde who were ambushed and killed on that fateful day on a county in 1934. Instead, the outlaws were kidnapped, forced into a covert life, and given a desperate mission—save President Roosevelt from an assassination plot financed by industrialist fat cats.

The thrilling story cuts back and forth between the modern era where the shocked reporter begins to investigate the potential scoop-of-the-century, and the dangerous undercover exploits of Bonnie and Clyde during America’s Great Depression.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History