Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book 1)

by Vela Roth

One determined human. One honorable immortal. Can their secret alliance save their world, or will their forbidden love be a death sentence?

Cassia will do anything for her next breath. Her father rules Tenebra and her fate, and his plots have cost her everything but her life. Outmaneuvering him is even more dangerous than obeying him.

But she must find the courage to act when Lio arrives at court. He is what humans fear most: a Hesperine. Fanged. Nocturnal. Immortal. Only she sees him for who he truly is, a kind, honorable diplomat devoted to peace.

If they combine her political strategies and his powerful sorcery, can they prevent war between humans and immortals? If they dare to take the greatest risk of all—love—will they survive the king’s deadliest plot yet?

Read Blood Grace Book I and embark on a new series packed with epic fantasy lore and passionate paranormal romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Blood Solace (Blood Grace Book 2)

by Vela Roth

He’ll die without her blood. But countless people will die if he claims her. Can she save him without starting a war between immortals and humans?

Lio is out of time. He must reunite with Cassia, his beloved Grace, before his Craving for her blood kills him. But to get her to safety, he must convince his fellow Hesperines to take the most dangerous risk in history.

Cassia has made herself the king’s worst enemy, secretly sabotaging her father’s every move. But he’ll stop at nothing to make war on the Hesperines. To protect Lio, she must make the greatest sacrifice of all.

Can Lio and Cassia restore their broken alliance and once again work together to protect Hesperines and humans? If they save Orthros and Tenebra, can they still save each other?

Read Blood Grace Book II and continue Lio and Cassia’s epic story of ancient magic, deadly politics and eternal romance.

Previously $2.99