Blood Mark

by JP McLean

What if your lifelong curse is the only thing keeping you alive? Jane Walker survives the back alleys of Vancouver, marked by a chain of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body. During her tortured nights, she is gripped by agonizing nightmares when she sees into the past. It isn’t until, one-by-one, the marks begin to disappear that she learns the deadly truth: she’s being stalked by a killer, and her marks are the only things keeping her alive.
Blood Mark is the first in a new paranormal series by JP McLean, author of The Gift Legacy and whose writing has been described as “. . . deftly crafted, impressively original, and inherently compelling from first page to last.” A Literary Titan Award winner and a finalist for the Chanticleer Best Paranormal Book 2021.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban