Blood Bound

by Becca Blake

Kidnapped and held captive for their blood, escaping could cost them their lives… or worse.

Azalea knows there’s no escape from the underground vampire city of Terra Nocturne. Her only hope for a better life is to climb the social ladder by joining the Blood Den, a brothel where elves sell their blood as well as their bodies. When an encounter turns violent, she’s thrust into the arms of Lord Nero Cineris, ruler of Terra Nocturne.

Nero can offer her a life of luxury, but is the cost of belonging to the most dangerous vampire in the city too high?

Miria has always been determined to return to the surface, but she won’t leave without the people she cares about. When Miria finds herself in trouble with the city guard, she needs to get out of the city before her sentence kills her.

If Miria does find a way out of Terra Nocturne, will Azalea even want to come with her?

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Category: Dark Fantasy