by Jay Allan

Blackhawk. A wanderer, a man running from a dark and sinister past. A genetically-engineered warrior, and a capable and accomplished killer, he is also a lost soul, a man who has fled to the deepest reaches of space seeking his true identity.

Blackhawk has fled to the Far Stars, a dangerous expanse full of pirates, mercenaries, and cutthroats, seeking to escape from his brutal past. But when he meets Augustin Lucerne, a general fighting to free the planet Celtiboria from three centuries of brutal civil war, he must make a choice.

He can continue on his way, a drifter wandering from world to world, alone and without purpose. Or he can join with Lucerne, fight at the Warlord’s side in desperate battle for survival. But whatever he chooses, he will have to face the demons that have pursued him across the stars, the dark version of himself that still lives deep within his mind.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera