Bitter Sky

by Tim Stretton

War is in the air. In every sense, as the aeronauts of Lauchenland prepare to take their airships aloft against the mighty Beruzil Empire.

It’s the chance for Heino Voss to fulfil his life’s ambition and fly an airship into battle. At his side is his aloof navigator, Saskia von Eck. Soon they realise that war is not a game, and that unquestioning loyalty can take them to some dark places.

Saskia’s brother Erich finds himself fighting for the other side. As the bloodshed and horror mount, he learns there is no place for honour on the battlefield.

As the conflict draws to its grim conclusion, all three realise that the price of victory could be higher than they’re willing to pay. And that, even in wartime, there are fates worse than death…

The start of a breathtaking new series, Bitter Sky explores the cost of dreams and the terrible toll war takes on even the most idealistic

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

A Little Poison

by Tim Stretton

Once the Fikingur sea-raiders of Haskilde were the most feared warriors on the continent. Now they are confined to a tiny duchy, ruled by a dying man whose heir is a depraved teenager. Lothar von Schnusenberg has arrived in Haskilde to spy for the Empire, but his plans are overturned when he becomes the prime suspect in a grisly poisoning. Can he trust the enigmatic Asta and her prickly friend Edda, or are they luring him to disaster? Lothar’s old school-friend Torkild is working on a revolutionary experimental steamship which could restore the former glories of the Haskilde navy. As he fights scepticism from his superiors, and deadly accidents at sea, will his new ship shift the balance of power? As the bodies pile up in the royal court, Lothar’s list of enemies continues to grow. The Fikingur ready themselves for one last sea battle, and Lothar must choose between his duty to the Empire

Previously $2.99