Bite Me, Santa

by Chandelle LaVaun

A very vampy Christmas…
Christmas on Megelle Island is the biggest event of the year. I’ve been hired to plan it all: parties, activities, festivals, and the Christmas Eve ball at the palace. So what if I’m a last minute substitute because the old party planner got run over by a reindeer? So what if the King and Queen ask me to also plan their son’s engagement party within six days? So what if the cottage I rented was accidentally double booked and now I have an ancient, brooding vampire breathing down my neck every day? None of that matters. If I succeed, this job will make my career skyrocket…but if I fail to satisfy the King and Queen then I could find myself blacklisted and out of a job. Nothing will stop me.

Especially not sharp-tongued Lexington Prescott. Does he like me? Do I like him? Nope. I’m a professional. I need to ignore this passion…what could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban