by Terry L Persun

Winner of the Book Excellence Award in science fiction, BIOMASS: Rewind is about 3D fabricated humans colonizing a hostile planet.

Carl just wants a home—on a new planet with Missy and their future children. He hungers for new memories, where home would have a true meaning, not just something their ship downloaded.

Their sapient ship Argentina transverses the galaxy on an interplanetary harvesting and reseeding mission. Carl and the crew are dropped on a beautiful but hostile planet. If they fail to colonize, Argentina will harvest them, too. Trouble starts when something on the planet alters the emotions of crew members and hypnotically pulls them toward the very source that threatens their mission—and their lives.

With the threat of death hanging over them, a more daunting concern arises. Are they meant to survive the mission at all?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization