Beyond the Spire of Navarene

by M. Warren Askins

Curses, Wards, and Endless Hordes prevent the casual adventurer from getting very far.
At least, not without employing a Ranger… and their services do not come cheap.

A Young Knight undertakes an impossible quest deep into the fabled and perilous Fenrirfang in order to protect his sister from a conspiracy that involves the Church that he has sworn to serve.

A seasoned Ranger who believes she has seen everything the wilds have to offer soon discovers that she faces something altogether different with this journey.

BEYOND THE SPIRE OF NAVARENE is the first entry in the DEAD MEN ARE DYING saga. Set in a world where humans born with a celestial mark are instilled with powerful, game-changing abilities. And those without… survive as best they can.

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Category: Dark Fantasy