Benjamin Impossible: The Helium Heist

by Timothy Root

If you’ve enjoyed “clean” sci-fi from your youth (Tom Swift, Heinlein’s juveniles) you might love Benjamin Impossible, too!

It’s NOT EASY being the world’s smartest 12-year-old!

Benjamin Impossible is a genius, kung fu master, and winner of the Franklin County hot dog eating contest three years in a row. But even he doesn’t know who stole NASA’s supply of hyper-helium, the levitating gas that powers his family’s flying houseboat.

With a mechanical madman poised to destroy the world, only Benjamin Impossible’s devious brain can solve this mystery. He’ll need to uncover clues and battle robotic assassins on land, sea, and in space if he wants to keep Planet Earth from blowing up!

It’s a deadly game of wits. Fortunately, Benjamin Impossible makes up his own rules. Bad guys, beware!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure