Bearing the Blades

by Tyger Price

Training vigorously for battle against a ruthless enemy, the eighteen-year-old blade bearer, Adianna, carries the destiny of uniting a deeply divided land on her shoulders.

Running from his past to avoid all contact with the endless misery and bloodshed, Kendrick is caught off-guard when a mysterious young woman joins him to stave off back-to-back threats. And as they are drawn together, his feelings for the beautiful warrior grow even though his merest touch causes her unimaginable pain.

Navigating intense emotions while evading bloodthirsty hunters, Adianna fears her destined role may prevent her from giving in to her deepest desires, And as sinister foes hunt them down, Kendrick is terrified that following his heart means he’ll lose everything he’s ever loved.

When their potent chemistry ignites a powerful alliance, will they risk love in the face of peril?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery