Battle of the Iron Gates

by Stew Adams

In a realm where Light and Dark wage war, Arthur, a valiant Templar, leads a desperate defence against the demon hound Naberius. Outnumbered and facing impossible odds, Arthur and his Templars must hold the Iron Gates Fortress or the southern kingdoms will fall. As casualties mount, Arthur devises a bold plan to take the fight to the enemy. With time running out, Arthur rallies his soldiers, each imbued with divine Light, for a final charge against Naberius. In a climactic battle, Arthur confronts not only the demon but also his growing doubts about the Light he serves. “Battle of the Iron Gates” is an action-packed prequel novella to the epic fantasy series Wild Green Flame, perfect for fans of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson who crave pulse-pounding action and rich world-building.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic