Bad Things

by Jasper Tripp

The perfect small town. A strange alien invasion. Humanity’s last hope lies in Montana. Police Chief Dibs is happy to have big city crime in his rearview. But after eyeing the maimed corpses of some livestock and investigating a bloody, ransacked meth lab, his hope for a tranquil life in Slagstone vanishes. Desperate to explain the confusing clues, he puts two and two together when a terrifying creature wielding a flaming blue sword tries to murder him. Can Dibs defend his town from a grotesque invasion, or will Montana’s downfall be the first step toward human extinction? Bad Things is an action-packed alien invasion story. If you like hard-nosed heroes, survivors with their backs against the wall, and a dash of unhuman splatter, then you’ll love Jasper Tripp’s kickass novel.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion