Avery’s Ghost

by Annie Dewell

When seventeen-year-old Evelyn is accidentally poisoned, her only hope for an antidote is to sign the curious contract of Hart’s Traveling Circus— the same place her brother vanished.

As she explores her new canvas home, Evelyn is consumed by questions no carnie will answer… why do the performers lie about their uncanny performances? What caused the “hideous” scars of Essence, the sideshow freak who draws portraits so vivid they nearly leap from the page?

Terrified by tempestuous Manager Hart, she attempts to flee but is stopped by paralyzing pain. Undeterred, she’ll cajole and blackmail her way to the truth behind the circus mysteries and her brother’s disappearance— truths that will catapult her into the crossfire of a plot with explosive consequences.

Featuring vintage-style illustrations, Avery’s Ghost throws readers into a macabre world of secrets and magic.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Historical