Avenging Love

by Kevin Mansoor

Avenging Love is the fast-paced, spiritual thrill ride that has maintained four months topping the Amazon charts by keeping readers turning pages late into the night.

When the tequila no longer numbs the pain of David’s loss, he knows he must avenge his wife, Sarah. Yet, David doesn’t know the truth.

Can the Archangel Michael, or the mysterious 2000-year-old Emma, get through to David in time?

Join David and his guilt-complexed St. Bernard, Duke, as they embark on an epic tale of love, loss, and possible redemption that will take them to the very gates of Hell.

Avenging Love is a fast, fun read filled with meaningful plots, romantic sub-themes, and a pompous Satan that may just have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Warning: Many readers have suggested a box of kleenex should be handy when reading.

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