Aurora Rising: The Complete Collection

by G. S. Jennsen

AURORA RISING: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION includes over 1,400 pages of Sci-Fi Space Opera:
– STARSHINE: Aurora Rising Book One
– VERTIGO: Aurora Rising Book Two
– TRANSCENDENCE: Aurora Rising Book Three
– RESTLESS: Prequel Short
– RESTLESS, VOL. II: Sequel Short (EXCLUSIVE to the Collection)
– Bonus Interviews with the Main Characters

When faced with its greatest challenge, will humanity rise to triumph or fall to ruin?

AURORA RISING is an epic tale of galaxy-spanning adventure, of the thrill of discovery and the unquenchable desire to reach ever farther into the unknown. It’s a tale of humanity at its best and worst, of love and loss, of fear and heroism. It’s the story of a woman who sought the stars and found more than anyone imagined possible.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera