At Any Cost

by R. D. Chapman

Private Investigator Curt D’Accio was hired by wolf-shifter Russell Chandler to track his wayward half-sister down and convince her to return home. After weeks of chasing Tabitha’s boat wake, he found her. He found love. Then he lost both.

Curt barely survived the ambush outside their hotel. Who attacked them? Why? The police are stymied: no motive, no leads, no suspects, and their case quickly goes cold. Curt refuses to give up, determined to find the answers and the one responsible for her murder.

But he is pitted against a cunning adversary who thinks of others only as pawns, disposable chess pieces. Curt’s search will illuminate a long-buried secret and the dark heart of a killer that will do anything to keep it hidden.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History