Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key

by S.L. Morgan

Reece Bryant was an average human being, or so she thought!
A strange occurrence on a flight is only the beginning of the bizarre events that Reece will face when she must blindly trust two mysterious men who demand her life is in danger.
Once she is taken into what appears to be a mystical world hinting that she may have in fact time traveled back into a different era, she must accept the absolute impossible…
Life exists outside of Earth, and it exists only if she is kept alive.
Will Reece trust these men who reveal they have been secretly protecting her all of her life?
Will she try and escape this world she has been taken into?
A dangerous enemy will stop at nothing to uncover the information Reece carries within her DNA. If the Guardians fail, and the true identity of Reece is revealed, all of Earth and the realms that exist because of the planet, will be enslaved, or destroyed.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical