An Eclipse Of Moths

by Antonis Tsagaris

A secret can only stay a secret for so long…

It’s been five years since Nicholas lost his mother, and he still doesn’t have any answers.

Someone knows what happened.

But they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep their secret.

When a malevolent force returns to finish what it started, Nicholas comes face to face with the past.

Old allegiances will be renewed.

Rivalries will reignite.

And corpses will rise from the grave.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Sleepy Follow

by Antonis Tsagaris

The ground this amusement park is built on is far from fair.

Braino, the mechanical fortune teller, is the amusement park’s most popular attraction. For 2 euros a go, it blurts out vague predictions about life, love, and the weather.

But now, the fortune-telling genie is misbehaving.

Predictions are taking on a more sinister tone and the park goers are noticing weird activity on their social media.

When a young couple narrowly escapes death during their Braino visit, they go to the only person they believe can help them.

Will Nicholas, fresh from the showdown with the demon that killed his mother, step into the ring against unspeakable evil again?

Previously $2.99