Ambition: The Long Haul Book 1

by Geoff North

During an age of rapidly dwindling energy resources and greedy corporate expansion, Earth receives a warning from a not too distant star system.

We are aware of your existence. We will end you.

The colossal mining vessel Ambition undergoes a militarized refit and is sent from the Sol System to confront the alien threat of Pegasi 51. A voyage at near light speed encounters catastrophic events. Seventy years of travel between stars stretches into a seven century odyssey. All communication to and from home has been severed, and the civilization waiting for them ahead has remained ominously silent.

Captain Ly Sulafat, Ambition’s 30th – and likely last – commander, leads this final generation of weary travelers into a hostile star system, ill-prepared, and far too inexperienced to confront what awaits them.

The seven-hundred-year journey has ended. It’s time for war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera