Alien Rebel’s Bride

by Taylor Neptune

Destiny brings two fated mates together at the worst possible time.

A beautiful captive…
Ella is a healer, a precious secret kept in seclusion by the Temple. She’s been raised to be a moneymaker for them, since she can heal anything.

But she doesn’t want to live inside a cage. She longs for freedom.

Then her whole life changes when she’s abducted by the alien rebel leader.

A lonely alpha…
Marco is a man of secrets. He wants to convince Ella to be his mate. He’s been alone on Kador for a very long time, surrounded by the Zua he protects but never one of them.

And the clock is ticking for them…
But the Temple is ready to strike the rebel forces to recover their precious secret, and they’ll use everything that they have to get Ella back.

***Guaranteed HEA, no cheating***
Alien Warrior Brides is a series of stand alone stories in a connected world.

Previously $2.99

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Category: Science Fiction – Military