Aegis Rising

by S.S. Segran

Are we capable of higher evolution or are we destined for annihilation? Two powerful forces battle for the fate of humanity, five friends hold the key to salvation.

The Aegis League Series tells a story about the descendants of an ancient island civilization who live secretly in a hidden valley in northern Canada. They possess astonishing abilities and harbor a terrifying divination for the fate of the world. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization led by a shadowy figure launches a series of devastating attacks to reorder life on the planet.

As the two worlds collide, five best friends find themselves cast into the heart of the conflict. Stunned, the teenagers soon learn that the survival of the human race rests on their shoulders. Do they have what it takes to stop a malevolent foe from ending life as we know it? What sacrifices lay before them in their quest to save the world?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

Aegis Incursion

by S.S.Segran

Aegis League is a multi-award winning series about friendship, courage and a quest to save humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.

The first wave strikes. The assault on humanity begins.
A mysterious plague destroys crops and leaves swaths of farmland around the world in ruins. Panic and riots break out. Famine and rebellion push nations to the brink of war.

With the memories of their fateful summer suspiciously erased, straining their relationships, Jag, Tegan, Kody, Aari and Mariah must regain what’s lost to battle the forces of darkness advancing across the lands.

Finding themselves hunted by operatives from a clandestine organization at every turn, can the group outmaneuver their pursuers and stop the world from descending into chaos?

If you like epic adventure stories with endearing characters in an immersive world, then you will love the Aegis League series!

Previously $4.99