A Rumor of Kings (Kingdom of Ghosts Book 1)

by Victor Gischler

Greymond, the Scattered Kingdom has been without a king for hundreds of years, a place ruled by squabbling barons and dukes. Occasionally, rumors arise: a king of the old blood has returned to claim his throne. These days, such claims are met with groans and eyerolls. Pretenders abound … and are generally ignored.

But scheming powers are plotting, machinations that have been in the works for years, and this time …

Enter Merrik Niles. A thief hired by dangerous people to steal a map, he instead keeps it for himself, hoping to follow it to some mysterious prize.

The treasure turns out to be an ancient artifact connected to Greymond’s last king, and when Merrik touches it, he triggers long-dormant magic.

Follow Merrik’s exploits as a reluctant hero in the next Epic Fantasy series by Victor Gischler, the bestselling author of Ink Mage.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic