A Realm at Stake (The Drinnglennin Chronicles Book 2)

by K.C. Julius

An ominous darkness is gathering over the Known
World, and none will escape its long shadow… In Helgrinia, Fynn, son of Aetheor Yarl, finds his position ever more precarious. When tragedy strikes on Midsommer’s Eve, he’s compelled to make a perilous vow. Across the Erolin Sea, Master Morgan travels the length of the Isle determined to uncover the roots of King Urlion’s illness; the treachery he discovers sets him on an even more dangerous course. In Mithralyn, Whit and Halla’s mutual enmity grows, and an ill-thought out decision by one of the cousins spells calamity for the other. And in Drinnkastel, Maura and Leif, summoned by the High King, become embroiled in the intrigues of the Konigur court and risk exposure. All the while, in the Lost Lands, Lazdac Strigori stirs his cauldron of chaos; the bitter seeds he has planted will soon bear their baneful fruit, which bodes ill for all.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic