A Palace Fractured

by Carissa Broadbent

A new king. A young holy woman. Both are trapped in gilded prisons. But war will force them to fight for their destinies… and for each other.

Rosira’s albino coloring marks her as a Valtain, a religious figure worshipped by the masses. But Rosira despises her status. Like all Valtain, she will never live to see thirty… and she has no intention of wasting her short life away in prayer.

King Araich is conspicuously unlike his father. Bold and vivacious, with startling green eyes, his lack of resemblance has always been the source of scandalized whispers. But those whispers rise to battle cries when Araich’s legitimacy is challenged, and he finds himself facing looming war.

In the unrest, Rosira sees her chance at freedom. But as it escalates, Rosira and Araich are drawn together by an attraction that goes beyond duty — and discover a power greater than they ever thought possible.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery