A More Perfect Human

by C J Powell

Two high-profile celebrities dead in an alley. Another missing. Can a recently widowed bodyguard keep his new client alive when the assassins turn their sights on him?

Nige Davies really needs this job. Following the death of his wife, he finds himself living out of a boatshed miles away from his son and grandchildren. Hoping for a little extra cash, he takes a job working as bodyguard for the world’s oldest man and best-loved health food guru.

But when two other ageing influencers turn up dead, the pair are forced to flee across a near-future London. With assassins hot on their heals, Nige soon discovers his client is hiding something. Something that will change the world forever. Something that a shadowy organisation will stop at nothing to keep hidden.

Can Nige reveal the truth, or will the Earth-shattering secret of the world’s oldest man die with him?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk