A Lunatic’s Laugh

by S. T. Blake

After she died that time, she was frozen, waiting for the answer to crash in on her…
Lilli Ashler was an actor of limited ability who found fame in a play called A Lunatic’s Laugh. Her mediocre talent led gossips to say she must have sold her soul for success. Then she disappeared from public view.
When Lilli dies, her granddaughter, Dominique, inherits her Gothic Irish mansion. Opposite the mansion stands a notorious asylum where the writer of A Lunatic’s Laugh spent time as an inmate before he dashed his head against the wall, his blood and brains seeping into the stone. The writer’s death led to rumors he was a practitioner of black magic and that the asylum is possessed. Now Dominique fears the asylum is somehow laying claim to her, as she begins to suspect the nightmarish bargain Lilli Ashler made for her stardom.

A Lunatic’s Laugh is a uniquely dark and twisted ghost story.

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Category: Dark Fantasy