A Life of Adventure

by G. Allen Wilbanks

What if you had one wish? What would you ask for?

For Sonja Drommer, the answer is easy: Escape. Instead of the tedious drudgery of alternating between school and home, she wants magic and wonder to fill her days. She wants to be the hero of her own narrative, rather than feel like a minor character trapped in someone else’s story.

So, when Sonja meets Rith, and the impossible little creature offers to grant her fondest desire, she knows immediately what she wants. Sonja wants a life of adventure. One moment, Sonja is alone in her room with nothing more to look forward to than failing another math test in the morning, and the next she is shouting orders aboard a pirate ship, lost in the wilderness, and battling dragons. She has everything she had hoped for and more. Perhaps too much more…

Sonja had no idea there were so many things out there waiting for a chance to kill her.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age