A Fistful of Evil

by Rebecca Chastain

Madison wants to be normal. Instead, she can see souls.
Honestly, it’s kind of gross.

Madison Fox is shocked when she learns her soul sight is more than a distasteful affliction: It’s a weapon for battling evil. Wicked creatures are devouring the souls of defenseless, ordinary people in her city—people unable to see or even sense the vile beasts. And the only other person who can fight back is ready to skip town.

Roped into a job she doesn’t want, Madison wades into a world where monsters actively hunt her and deadly experiences are becoming the norm. Her survival depends on mastering the mechanics of her ethereal powers—fast.

If only she had a clue what she was doing…

Find out for yourself why fans can’t get enough of this “fresh, playful and funny” international bestseller today!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban