A Dagger in the Winds

by Brendan Noble

An outcast cursed since birth. A witch chosen by a goddess. Fate tore them apart, but together, can they save their tribe from eternal winter?

Four years after Waclaw’s father forced him away from his best friend Otylia, he dreams of belonging and purpose. Except he’s never actually dreamed. Each night, he leaves his body and wanders, invisible. He’d do anything to know why.

Even give a blood offering to Marzanna—goddess of winter and death.

Otylia has never forgiven Waclaw for abandoning her. As a priestess of the wild spring goddess, she believes she doesn’t need him anyway. But when Otylia discovers Waclaw wielding storms and bearing Marzanna’s Frostmark on what should be the last day of winter, she realizes the horrific truth.

Waclaw is a demon, and he’s her only hope of stopping Marzanna’s wrath.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends