A Change of Rules

by L. L. Thomsen

There is not much that Solancei, life-shield and cousin of Princess Iambre, will not do to protect her oldest, dearest friend.
In fact, there is not much that Iambre will not do for her salty-tongued, martial arts-loving cousin either, yet when Solancei finds herself trapped by an unpredictable opponent in an illegal, back-yard duel, little do either young women understand how their golden ideals are about to be tested in ways only perceived in darkest nightmares.
Can Solancei make it back to Iambre or will she be lost in the game of one man’s twisted sense of honour?
Can Iambre keep her wits about her as her cosy life slides into chaos and fear? And what of the future?
The forgotten ancient strife that has spanned aeons is about to rekindle; the capricious gods want their dues; and with magic and hope twisted beyond use, this millennium, the mad creatures might just triumph!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic