Children of the Origin Project

by Asa S. Rubin

Lifelong foster kids Jake Pham, Alex Garcia, and Sarah Powell have never had much control over their lives. But after they find a crashed spaceship in the forest with a dying giant inside, they are faced with a choice that will decide their destinies forever.

In his last moments, the giant transfers his knowledge and secrets to them. A war is being fought among the stars, and they have been tasked with completing his final mission to save his people. But it’s not an easy decision whether to stay or go. Joining the war means going up against a murderous regime and its demon-like supersoldiers. But if they do nothing, not only will they be condemning a civilization of trillions, they will be risking an invasion of Earth itself.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Demon Bound

by Nicole R. Taylor

Madeleine Greenbriar has everything she ever dreamed of…and is about to screw it all up.
Five years after the war with the Dark, the Naturals — the order of demon hunting mages who protect the world — are busier than ever. Demons still prowl the earth, searching for a way to prolong their lives, and Madeleine is on the front lines risking everything to end the threat once and for all.
But when she runs afoul of a demon and risks exposing the supernatural world to humanity, her future is on the line. As punishment, she’s transferred to the archaeological dig at Camelot.
Expecting a boring babysitting job, Madeleine is shocked when she lands in the middle of a secret so powerful, it might tear apart the entire world — again.
Can a moody goth girl hold it together long enough to stop another war erupting?
There’s only one way to find out.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Shannon Pemrick

Most people could never kill without regret.

I don’t have that luxury. I’m an artificial creation who exists solely to follow the orders of a tyrannical maniac. Death is the only constant I know.

I want more, so I’m running.

What lies beyond the realm of my former master, presents a whole new set of problems, including a mistake that lands me at death’s door. I accept that. Welcome it, really. For a relic of war, death is my inevitable release.

But fate is a fickle creature.

When a dragon saves me—a creature said to be long extinct—then offers me a chance at revenge, I don’t know what to believe. Trust gets people killed, but something is different about this creature.

Will he give me the freedom I desire, or is my fate sealed when I agree to his terms?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Wealth of Time

by Andre Gonzalez

When you fight the past, the past fights back.

Imagine having the power to change your past. Would you journey down the rabbit hole?

Martin Briar is a middle-aged postal worker in Larkwood, Colorado, dragging himself through a troubled life. He receives an invitation to the opening of a new antique shop in town – one that can sell you whatever you desire.

Not much later, Chris Speidel, who runs the shop, divulges a secret: he sells time travel opportunities. Martin, haunted by the disappearance of his daughter two decades earlier, jumps at the chance to investigate what happened. So begins Martin’s new life and his new world in 1996 and a beautiful middle school teacher named Sonya Griffiths, who becomes the love of Martin’s life – a life that transgresses all the normal rules of time.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Warm Souls

by Andre Gonzalez

A single choice can change your life.

Grappling with the truth of his daughter’s disappearance, Martin Briar uncovers the disturbing price of his decision to continue as a member of a secret society.

With his new girlfriend by his side, life begins to finally show signs of a hopeful future . . . until he discovers nothing is what it seems. Diving back to the past on a new adventure, Martin unveils hidden truths about those toying with his life.

Faced with the ultimate crossroads, he must decide where to devote his loyalty, knowing the wrong decision can lead to his demise.

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Never A Dragon

by Kevin McLaughlin

Dragons used to rule the world; those days are over. But humans, mages, and dragons have just begun learning to co-exist without conflict.

Kylara Diamantine has never met another dragon. Raised by her mother apart from the rest of their society without any idea why, she’s always been curious about the rest of their species. She wants to get out there, to meet other dragons, to explore! To stretch her wings. Literally.

After a devastating magical attack on their home leaves Ky’s mother missing, she’s placed at a special school for her protection. A school for dragons – but this year, for the first time, mages will be attending alongside them to learn more about magic and draconic powers.

Ky is a stranger in a place she doesn’t know, under attack and desperate to find her missing mother. She’ll need all her courage and strength to survive the tests ahead of her. Will it be enough?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Burning Mold

by Jefferson Nunn

When mold takes over life, what does it mean for mankind?

A new threat has emerged. It is growing slowly, under the shadows, unbeknownst to all. Every passing minute makes the losses heavier. Will humanity be able to identify this new enemy before it is too late?

As our unlikely heroes put the pieces together to determine what this newfound being is and what it is doing, this being has deadly plans of its own. Can they stop it in time, or is the end nigh? Is this a pandemic, a biological attack, or first contact with another being?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Mercy Rising: The Prophecy

by DC Little

Their survival depends on Mercy rising.

At least, that is what Mercy has been told her entire life. It has been twenty years since she has been born. Twenty years since the World Before had gone dark from a strange natural disaster. Twenty years of her family, and their small community of Zion, living off the land in a hidden ravine far away from the chaos in the cities.

Mercy fights against the role she is told she plays in the coming storm they had been preparing for most of her life. Daily training, drills, and an entire lifestyle built a warrior community, all for a possibility that has never come.

Yet, when on a solo hunting trip, she finds an unconscious man with eyes that are as familiar as her dreams, her world dramatically shifts and she realizes why her father, the leader of Zion, has been training them.

Would Zion be able to stay out of the coming chaos?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Son of the Storm

by Michael DeAngelo

Dorn Thunderfury takes a break from his labors to tell a group of village children the tale of how a lone human babe was found high up in the Goldenscale Cliffs, and how he became a hero among the dwarves.

Bolt Thunderfury developed strange, powerful magic abilities, but still had to prove himself to the naysayers of his new clan. He found the opportunity when he was still a young lad, when harpies came to clan Thunderfury, itching for a fight.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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