Space Carrier Avalon

by Glynn Stewart

Avalon was the first and most legendary of the Castle Federation's space carriers, but she is now old and obsolete. Accepting the inevitable, she is sent on a final flag-showing tour. But war clouds gather and this final tour will be anything but quiet.

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera

Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond

by Jayne Barnard

Miss Maddie Hatter, renegade daughter of a powerful Steamlord, is scraping a precarious living as a fashion reporter when the story of a lifetime falls into her lace-gloved hands.

Baron Bodmin, an adventurer with more failed quests than fingernails, has vanished in circumstances that are odd even for him.

While he is supposedly hunting the fabled Eye of Africa diamond in the Nubian desert, his expeditionary airship is found adrift off the coast of England. Maddie was the last reporter to see the potty peer alive. If she can locate the baron or the Eye of Africa, her career will be made.

Outraged investors and false friends complicate her quest, and a fiendish figure lurks in the shadows, ready to snatch the prize . . . at any price.

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Category: Science Fiction - Steampunk

Baad Dog

by Sal Conte

Since when did man's best friend become his very own worst nightmare?

Pam suspects that the cute, loveable little pup her husband, Harry, brings home is actually a cunning, diabolical killer. But that's crazy talk! Is the K9-233 a miracle of modern robotics, or is it something to be feared? Should Pam risk sounding like she's going insane? Or will she make the mistake of waiting until her children are at the mercy of their murderous new pet. What would you do?

Baad Dog is a horror, sci-fi thriller with a twist from the author of 80s pulp horror classics Child's Play and The Power. Sal Conte has been dubbed "the modern master of the surprise ending," and this one is full of surprises.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Tales of Arilland

by Alethea Kontis

In the fairy tale realm of Arilland, stories are told at children's bedsides--and not the stories you think you know.

Tales of Arilland is a collection of fairy tales, presented in the magical topsy-turvy way that only Alethea Kontis can do. Discover the story of Bluebeard's first wife ("Blood From Stone"), what really happened to Snow White in those dark woods ("The Unicorn Hunter"), how dangerous the Little Mermaid might have been ("Blood and Water"), and just how far Little Red Riding Hood was willing to go ("Hero Worship"). Included in this collection is "Sunday," the original novelette that inspired the award-winning novel Enchanted, as well as "The Cursed Prince," the previously untold history of Prince Rumbold of Arilland…and more.

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Category: Fantasy - Fairy Tales

Noru: Blue Rose

by Lola Stvil

As the demon takes her into his arms and away from the flames, he begins to understand, he isn't rescuing her; she's saving him...

The Noru series in order:
Book 1: Blue Rose
Book 2: Last Akon
Book 3: Fall Of The Chosen
Book 4: When Angels Break Book
5: Ways of The Wicked

Over 100 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

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