The Children of Darkness

by David Litwack

"But what are we without dreams?"

A thousand years ago the Darkness came--a time of violence and social collapse when technology ran rampant. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity. For ten centuries they kept the madness at bay with "temple magic," eliminating the rush of progress that nearly caused the destruction of everything.

Orah and Nathaniel, have grew up in a tiny village, longing for more from life but unwilling to challenge the status quo. When Orah is summoned for a "teaching"—the brutal coming-of-age ritual that binds the young to the Light—Nathaniel follows in a foolhardy attempt to save her. In the prisons of Temple City, they discover a secret that launches them on a journey to find the forbidden keep, where a truth from the past might unleash the potential of their people, but may also cost them their lives.

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian


by Erica Conroy

Get the first two books in the series for just 99 cents total!

Respect the enemy, fear his daughter in this fun Science Fiction Romance

Peace negotiations are easy right? Not when you're learning a language composed of hisses, growls and other guttural sounds. And that's not even the tough part for recently divorced diplomat Viktor Jacobs. No, that would be matching wits with the fiercely intelligent daughter of the opposing side. Between dodging her claws, avoiding a myriad of cultural taboos, and not accidentally getting married or killed, he has to somehow make the Lyrissians see that joining the Alliance of Worlds is the best choice for all of their futures.

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Category: Science Fiction - First Contact



by Erica Conroy

Hearts will ache and heads will roll in this audacious Science Fiction Romantic Adventure!

Stealing damning evidence from a covert ops section of Space Corps makes Jasmine a target. So what does she do? What any good undercover investigative journalist would do, she runs. Hops the first civilian transport ship off the planet, but with the bad guys on her heels who knows how long she’ll live. A vacationing half-alien colonel who is a deft hand with a sword might just increase her odds of survival, but helping this woman could be hazardous to his health!

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Seven Psychics

by J.C. Diem

Alexis Levine has just graduated from high school and intends to join the Army as soon as she turns eighteen. Her dream is to become a sniper, just like her often absent father. During routine weapons practice, she meets Mark Steel, the head of a small team of agents who work for a mysterious organization. He needs someone with outstanding skills to help his squad destroy seven psychotic psychics. With her father overseas on a mission, she is the next best choice.

Still reeling from the knowledge that psychics actually exist, Lexi agrees to become a temporary member of the squad. From the moment she meets Reece Garrett, she is captivated by him. He is strong, sexy and charismatic. What she doesn't know is that the Shifter Squad are even more dangerous than the creatures they hunt. She will have to guard her heart as well as fight to stay alive during their mission.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Ace of Swords

by Michael McClung

An exciting new middle grade adventure series from the author of the Amra Thetys series!

Kiet is a simple farm boy whose country is troubled by vicious raiders called the Sea Wolves, and by the terrible magic of the mysterious Dark Sorcerer. Little does Kiet suspect that chasing a runaway goat one afternoon would lead him to the adventure of a lifetime, with the fate of his kingdom and the entire magical land of Tarot hanging in the balance!

Ace of Swords is the first book in the Tarot Quest series, written specifically for younger fantasy fans.

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age

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