CLATACLYSMOS Book 1 Part 1: This is the Way the World Ends

by Michael Lister

The end. This is the way the world ends!

When the end comes it comes with astonishing speed. It has been a slow build to the brink, but once the point of no return has been breached, night falls fast. Disasters, avoidable and not, and the inhuman responses to humanity’s existential crises, every tipping point tipping us over the ragged rim, into a black abyss from which there is no return.

One man walks alone on a lonely road in search of his loved ones in a wasteland that used to be the world. Though danger lurks around every bend of the desolate landscape he is undaunted and will be undeterred. His mission is simple if nearly impossible – find his family and friends who are still alive.

Encountering survivors who range from colorful characters to deadly adversaries, his journey is as much inward as it is outward, revealing as much about himself and the other survivors.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

by Nikki Jefford

Thanks to her rare blood type, eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky has been forced to hunt vampires for a government agency in Alaska while juggling school, boys, and secret missions. With help from a defiant undercover informant, an overzealous partner, and a beguiling delinquent, Aurora takes on the underworld.

Over 230 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Cradle of the Gods

by Thomas Quinn Miller

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In the world of Allwyn, humans are almost extinct.

A war among the gods has led to the downfall of humanity and the banishment of their god. A thousand years later, the remaining humans eke out an existence on the fringes of a vast dwarven empire.

In a human settlement known as the Cradle of the Gods, a young man named Ghile is preparing for a Rite of Attrition, used by the dwarves to seek out potential vessels for their god’s return. Meanwhile, Almoriz the Sorcerer and his apprentice Riff arrive in Ghile’s village for one of their annual visits, beginning a series of events that will change Ghile’s life forever. He is marked as the Stonechosen, and wields powers of the gods themselves.

But Ghile is not alone. Others chosen to fulfill the prophecy are also traveling to the Cradle to seek out and destroy him. The time of the Stonechosen has come.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

Time of the Stonechosen

by Thomas Quinn Miller

The time of the Stonechosen has come.

Ghile, the young sheepherder, has been marked as Stonechosen and thrust into the Soulstone Prophecy. The two soulstones he has acquired have given him godlike powers which he struggles to control.

To protect those he loves, Ghile flees his home with his new companions: Gaidel, the young druid, her shieldwarden, Two Elks the barbarian, and Riff the sorcerer. They search for answers in Dagbar’s Freehold, but Ghile feels the growing pull of the other soulstones and the mysterious girl who visits him in the Dreaming.

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One Way Fare

by Barbara Taub

Superpowers suck. If you just want to live a normal life, Null City is only a Metro ride away. After one day there, imps become baristas, and hellhounds become poodles. Demons settle down, become parents, join the PTA, and worry about their taxes.

Null City is the only sanctuary for Gaby Parker and Leila Rice, two young women confronting cataclysmic forces waging an unseen war between Heaven and Hell. Gaby and her younger brother and sister are already targets in the war that cost their parents' lives. Should they forsake the powers that complete their souls and flee to Null City? Meanwhile, Leila has inherited a French chateau, a mysterious legacy, and a prophecy that she will end the world. Gaby and Leila become catalysts for the founding and survival of Null City.

It just would have been nice if someone told them the angels were all on the other side.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

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