“The Road Sharks” (Ghost Wind Chronicles #1)

by Clint Hollingsworth

FINALIST Chanticleer 2016 Cygnus Science Fiction Awards.
Dystopian survivalist sci fi. Warrior scout Ghost Wind is betrayed by her lover, banished from her clan, and cast adrift in a world ravaged by a man-made bio plague. To survive, Ghost Wind must become as ruthless as her enemies.

Embittered and ready to go it alone, Ghost Wind crosses paths with Eli, a handsome rider engaged in a war with the notorious Road Shark gang. Are Ghost Wind’s inner wounds an asset—or a way to close off her heart forever, becoming one of the Walking Dead?

In the tradition of Mad Max: Fury Road and The Road Warrior

Author is a black belt in Goju Ryu karate and studied tracking under Tom Brown, Jr., consultant on “The Hunted” starring Benicio del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure