The Gods of Probabilities

by Liza O'Connor

Discover both humor and poignancy in this double layered Sci-Fi soap opera.

The God Zousan is determined to create a better multiverse than his father's. To ensure he fails, Cronus has filled Zousan's crew with deadbeats and saboteurs.

Zousan's current task is to save the Oceanics, a blue water humanoid species that lives in a different dimension on Earth. The world of Oceania is threatened due to humans poisoning their oceans. The recent hatchlings of Oceanics are exceptionally brilliant. It's a good thing since they must figure out how to escape Earth and find a new planet or they will all die.

One young fellow named Drogan can cross dimensions and manipulate time events for better outcomes, but can he use his odd talents to save them all?

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera