Zombie RiZing: The Beginning

by Matt J Pike

Discover where the international award-winning Zombie RiZing series began.
Before the supernatural showdown between good and evil to save the world, meet Beath and her band of misfit survivors in the early days of the Zombie RiZing.
Since dark magic unleashed chaos on the planet, society has fallen apart. Food’s running low, danger’s running high and other survivors are just as nasty as the zombies. If Beath and her friends thought things were bad already, there’s plenty more monsters ready to turn it up a notch.
But the same magic forces that changed the world for the worst, charge Beath and her friends with powers to fight back. Whatever happens from here it’s going to be end-of-the-world epic.
Zombies, monsters, magic, epic action, colossal adventure, sharp dialogue and general hilarity –building towards a battle so big, the fate of humanity will be on the line.
Be a survivor!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure