Zombie Crusade: Books I – III

by J.W. Vohs

This set includes the first three books in the Zombie Crusade series. Zombie Crusade introduces former Army Ranger Jack Smith and his efforts to prepare for a global disaster that he’d hoped would never materialize. After an old bio-warfare experiment resurfaces, creating a pandemic of zombie-like creatures, Jack ends up leading a resistance movement that utilizes medieval tactics and weaponry to fight the monsters threatening to take over the world. ZCII: David’s Journey, takes place concurrently–it’s the story of Jack’s brother, David, who attempts to lead a group of survivors from Cleveland to Jack’s castle in Indiana. In ZCIII: Evolution, Jack begins to fortify a network of survivors to battle the evolving predators known as “hunters,” but the allies soon realize that the real enemy is the mastermind behind the pandemic who controls the hunters as his own “super soldiers.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic