Zodiac Fate

by R.C. Luna

Sasha joins the military so she can leave the misery at her parents’ house and escape the mafia life. Her Zodiac sign is Aries, ruled by the God of War and as such she is a natural leader and warrior. Sasha and all the other female recruits are deeply sexually attracted to their Training Instructor, TI Grange. She fantasizes about him and he makes sexual advances. She gets him arrested by channeling new and unfamiliar dark magic.
She learns she is a supernatural shapeshifter who must find her shaman in order to serve her destiny as protector of Zol Stria. She gets captured by Grange and shifts to a jaguar. The shaman supposed to help her, comes out of hiding and they cross the gates to the world of Zol Stria, where she will serve as a protector of the Fae.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban