Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space

by Brian Friedkin

Renegade astronaut Zip PT Zoingzoing lays open his astounding story about traveling across the universe from far-flung planet to far-out planet. To all you wanna-be billionaire space travelers! Been there! Done it! Get on Zoingzoing’s rocket ship and blast off reading. This anti-science fiction story satirizes sci-fi as well as Earth by encountering strangely familiar and crazy life forms far off in the galaxy. You will see a planet where everyone looks the same; a planet free and open about sex but with big hang ups and taboos about food. (This book was published there also and the graphic food descriptions offended everyone.) You’ll see a planet full of zombies all on drugs. You’ll see a planet run by insurance cartels, a planet destroyed by useless crap, a planet of eco-gluttons and lots of other out of this world stuff.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian