by Al Davidson

Joshua doesn’t know who he is—or what. He’s not even sure of his real name. While he suspects his amplified senses and boosted reflexes are due to a head full of wetware, he has no memory of how it got there.

Now his unexplained skills have put him in the crosshairs of a covert government entity who wants to make him their prize lab rat.

Hunted by relentless cyborg agents in the decaying depths of a crime-infested megacity, Joshua’s escape routes are vanishing, and the people he cares about are in peril.

Agent Vince Farrell assumes his assignment to bring in Joshua unharmed is a simple snatch and grab. But the government’s top covert agent is about to receive a painful lesson in assuming…

…and Joshua is just getting warmed up.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk