Zedger: Edge of Zion

by E L Strife

War is in their DNA. Marci, ex-commander turned rebel, aims to destroy the Astral’s hybrid genesis program which captures her people and builds them into soldiers for their armies. Astrals, those of High-born blood, not mutated from the toxins and radiation, rule from their protected cities with savage weaponry and the ranks of redesigned Tellurians.

Commander Marci:
I escaped the experiments of Project Zedger, which alters us for the Astrals’ bioenhanced military, Occupational Cybernetic Corps. OCC protects Zion from other Astral countries, but it also maintains order within its boundaries. Us soldiers are mutated, spliced with animals, or cybernetically restructured to do the most damage without objection. I was one once, Bravo class, a cybernetic hybrid, a commander.

I hated that my kind died because of my orders, Genesis’s orders. It’s why I broke free.

Genesis must burn.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military