by Jordan Rivet

When an apocalyptic catastrophe decimates the land, a lucky few escape on a souped-up cruise ship called the Catalina. After 16 years, the strain begins to show in a floating world of distrust and shifting allegiances.

A young mechanic named Esther wants to prove herself, but she tends to bash things up in the name of progress. When disaster strikes the Catalina on Esther’s watch, she must risk everything to fix her mistake. She sails in search of help and encounters a mysterious metropolis called the Galaxy Flotilla. The inhabitants are keen to parade their lives of luxury, but they’ll want something in return for their warm welcome.

A new storm is brewing on the post-apocalyptic ocean. Can Esther save her friends aboard the Catalina before it’s too late?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian




by Adam Quinn

What is the cost of peace?
Guilt-ridden over her role in the cataclysmic Order War, Taylor Ghatzi decided to retire from galactic politics and dedicate her life to the Emergency Service—until a deadly terror attack strikes her home world, and she may be the only one able to unravel the mystery behind it.

Meanwhile, Cherran DeGuavra, the son of the most important statesman in the past century, gave up on trying to reunite the galaxy frayed by his late father’s greatest mistake, but now must call upon all of his diplomatic powers to prevent it from tearing itself even further apart.

With the galaxy’s powers on a war footing and their own government obstructing them, Taylor and Cherran may need to start a fight to prevent one.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



What Boys Are Made Of

by S. Hunter Nisbet

A second civil war has torn America apart, leaving Appalachia an isolated minefield ruled by cartels. In the town of Buchell, Simon “Saint” Flaherty cage fights for money—until the day a fight gone wrong leaves him a murderer.

His coach uses the publicity to set Simon up in the fight of his life in scarcely a month’s time, but physically ready doesn’t mean mentally ready. Still reeling from what he’s done, Simon will do anything not to kill again.

But Simon’s coach isn’t the only man in Buchell with an eye for talent. The cartels that keep a stranglehold over the mountains are scouting for new recruits, and the local kingpin has his eye on the teenager with the one-punch knockout.

With big money on the line and no way to escape, it’s time for Simon to learn to live with blood on his hands–before he ends up dead too.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



Quartz (The Sunless World Book 1)

by Rabia Gale

The mages of long ago saved their world from fire, but left it in eternal darkness.

Now, rare veins of quartz bring light and heat to a people on the brink of extinction, and desperate states vie to gain control of them.

Rafe Grenfeld, diplomat and spy, has just learned the biggest quartz pillar of them all, the legendary Tors Lumena, really exists. But his informer died before revealing its location and Rafe’s on the run in the hostile state of Blackstone. Determined to find the quartz for his people, Rafe forms an uneasy alliance with the mysterious and maddening Isabella.

But they’re not the only ones hunting for the quartz. So is the Shadow, chief of Blackstone’s secret police. As dangerous magical artifacts resurface and darkness-loving demons close in, Rafe must tap into the lost powers of the mages to claim the Tors Lumena—before war and famine destroy his world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



Forgotten Swords

by Robert Ryan

Can one man defy an army?

Only one of the legendary Raithlin would try. But trying is not succeeding – or even surviving. Lanrik is young and untested, but confident in the time-honored skills of the Raithlin scouts. He attempts to slow the horde long enough for a warning to reach his home city. But a single act of treachery, timed to devastating effect, tests him as much as the enemy.

He forms a plan against overwhelming odds to protect all that he loves. But his choices lead him ever deeper into a life-changing struggle. Dark forces of sorcery are on the move. So too are the powers that contend with them. The conflict draws him into a quest for the safety of the whole land and toward a girl who comes to mean more to him than anything. He enters a world of magic: sometimes beautiful, often perilous and always unpredictable.

This boxed set is the entire Raithlindrath series.

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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