The Last Nehisi

by Warwick Eden

War. Corruption. A dying empire…
And the only means of escape wiped out in genocide…

For millennia, Ageronians have prospered beyond imagination, aided by the Nehisi, an ancient tribe with the ability to bridge worlds without interstellar travel. But now the tides have turned.

The Realm is dying.

In the face of imminent destruction, Supreme Commander Draeger must find a way to save his people.
As the prophecy of doom plays out, a chance encounter with a thief sparks the beginnings of a cat and mouse game, between commander and crook, in a world of political and moral dilemmas, corruption, and murder…

…and the revelation that the fate of billions could depend on the actions of a single amoral thief.

It’s the Dune-meets-The-Expanse epic sci-fi you’ve been waiting for! First of the (complete) Red Realms trilogy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

The Goodbye Kids

by Debbie Iancu-Haddad

A million stars but no friends.

Plus-size teen Haley grew up friendless on a space station thinking she’d never fall in love. She spends her time with her robot dog Nano, dreaming of the day she’ll leave the remote station and become an intergalactic pilot.

Haley’s plan shatters when Jorden, a boy on a suicide mission, drags her into his lethal scheme.

Jorden Lund isn’t the chosen one, he’s the guy who volunteered.

Raised by his controlling father in an eco-terrorist cell on Earth, Jorden volunteers for a mission to save the planet. He has four months to travel to the space station, build a bomb, and blow up a spaceship.

Falling in love is definitely not part of the plan.

When Jorden arrives on the space station, Haley’s access to the station’s restricted areas makes her an asset.
But can Haley stop Jorden before he breaks her heart and destroys her home?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

StarFire Dragons: Book One

by Dawn Ross

After a disgraced starship commander rescues two young enemy warriors with dangerous secrets, duty is pitted against morality in a series of escalating hostilities that threaten to endanger his crew and trigger a war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Crescent Calling

by Nicole R. Taylor

An enchanting fantasy packed with myth and magic: Skye Williams must visit a small Irish village to claim her inheritance. Discovering that she’s a witch, like her mother before her, was not part of the plan… Could Skye be the last hope for the witches of Ireland?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Kingdom of Echoes

by E.S. Nisan

From an island academy to a world of echoes—one girl must fight for truth.

Like every other girl at her island residential academy, Ravlen has no parents, no history, and is being trained in metaphysics and martial arts.

But when a mysterious man appears and offers her a chance to discover the secrets of her past, Ravlen must follow him through the portal, into the echo world, where every desire of the human heart is fulfilled—at a price.

Ravlen soon discovers that this world cannot last, and she must fight against enemies disguised as friends and save those who fall victim to the echo’s magnetic pull. But can she destroy the world where her own story began?

Or will the echo take her too?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Mark J. Engels

Teenaged Pawly discovers her secret werecat heritage after unexpectedly morphing one Halloween night. Desperate to find an outlet for her and her twin brother’s growing bloodlust before they go feral, Pawly’s blended human-werecat family begs a Chicago-area drug cartel for help. Her uncle Ritzi, meanwhile, scrambles to develop an alternate way the twins might satisfy their lethal urges. Resuming his deported father’s scientific research, Ritzi draws notice from an elder werecat representing a rogue state keen on the twins’ potential. When a cartel enforcer is found savagely mauled following the twins’ first job, Ritzi insists Pawly and her brother enlist in the rogue state’s service to ensure their safety. But their father, a Navy sailor critically wounded in recent combat, would rather die than risk being separated from his children again—which Pawly soon realizes is no idle threat.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Mark J. Engels

Defeated, conflicted, and on the run…

Born in an ethnic Chicago neighborhood following her family’s escape from Cold War-era Poland, were-lynx Pawly flees underground to protect her loved ones after genetically enhanced soldiers led by rogue scientist and rival werecat Mawro overrun her Navy unit in the Gulf of Oman. Pawly’s family seeks her out in a desperate gambit to return to their ancestral homeland and reconcile with their estranged kinsmen. But when her human lover arrives to thwart Mawro’s plan to weaponize their feral bloodlust, Pawly must face a daunting choice: preserve her family secrets and risk her lover’s life or chance her true nature driving him away forever.

This second installment of the Forest Exiles Saga again features the modern-day remnant of an ancient clan of werecats, torn apart as militaries on three continents vie to exploit their deadly talents.

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by Chris Ward

Marta Banks is a girl with an identity. She is a Tube Rider, a girl who risks death every day in the abandoned underground stations of London.

It doesn’t matter that her parents are dead. It doesn’t matter that her beloved brother has disappeared. It doesn’t matter that in the dystopian chaos of London in 2075, in the shadow of the towering perimeter walls, she has no future.

She has her friends.

Together, the Tube Riders are a family, united against the brutality of their lives, but when they discover a dark government secret that could bring war to Britain and end decades of oppression, everything they hold dear is threatened.

Now they are running for their lives, hunted by genetically engineered killing machines that will stop at nothing to catch them.

The Huntsmen are coming….

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian